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We are Team of the Bioinformticians,Biotechnologist, and Statisticians, we do Nucleotide, geneGenome, Proteome sequence analysis, annotation of raw sequence data Special emphasis on Molecular docking, Virtual screening, Lead molecule screening, drug target identification, Molecular QSAR properly predictions etc...

The sequence analysis is like...

The sequence analysis of the nucleotides is concern with the finding the hidden information within genes or genome it can be analyzed by the sequence similarity search engines like BLAST its Basic sequence alignmnet search Tool ,by using these tools one can find the sequnce homologs of the query seqence ,Homologus sequences are those sequence which evolutionary related and similiar with each other,there can be Ortholog,paralog,sequence are those which are homologues sequence but are are in different organisms ,like Genes encoding for blood in human being and same genes encoding blood in Mouse or other mammals ,the Paralogus sequence are those seuences which within the same organism like duplicate genes ,i.e. Globin gene family myoglobin,the other homologus sequences can be in paralog and out paralog,those genes which gets seperated before speciation are inparalog and after speciation are out paralog ,the sequence can be identical but function can be different ,OR Stuructures are more conserved than sequences from evolutionery point of view,the sequences are consered and produces the unique pattern the patterns form the sequence blocks these are profiles PSIBLAST (position iterative BLAST )these patterns are conserved produces specif folds in the proteins leading to protein domain and Motifs these are the functional units of the proteins which works in the functionality of the proteins in Active sites ,the pattern searching algorithms implimented in the servers for searching new patterns in the query proteins are useful in the protein sequence analysis ,in the Genome sequence analysis CpG islands (These are GC rich regions in the genome ) can be serachr ,AT richness finding, ORF prediction, Promotor Prediction, Enhancer prediction, Silencer prediction, TATA box prediction, SNP analysis, Transposon sequences, Repetitive sequences prediction(There are different types of Repetitive sequences like Inverted repeats, Tandem Repeats, Palindromic sequences ) Alu repeats ,there are can be predicted by using servers and Stand alone software tools




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Dr Atul V. Wadagale - MTS(Director, Chairman and CEO)

PhD .Msc(Statistics)
Assistant Professor(Statistics)
Department of Community Medicine
Vilasrao Deshmukh Government Medical College Latur, Maharashtra,India
Orcid id : https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6784-7052
(BAMU Alumni)

Email : atulwadagale@biobtgene.com

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Mr Sharad C Gangavane - MTS(Member of Technical Staff)

Research Scholar-Biotechnology
Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded Maharashtra-India.
(SRTMU Alumni)
Orcid id:- https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9545-060X/print

Email : sharadgangavane@biobtgene.com

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